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A long and arduous campaign has come to a close and you, Lexington, delivered the result that we tirelessly worked so hard to earn and achieve. I have met so many wonderful people along the way and I am truly honored by the support and encouragement that I constantly received. I cannot possibly name in this space each and every person that was a positive light and helped in small and big ways and frankly every way in between during this journey. However, I must name a few. LaToi Mayo, Esq., Campaign Manager, Ponice Cruse, Campaign Treasurer, and Jim Frazier - THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and depths of my soul. To Olivia Antiqua, Jansen Hammock, Joanna Weaver, Halle Rice, and Christopher Beebout, your energy, perseverance, and diligence was contagious and made a difference. I am also grateful to Dennis Anderson. Several people, whom I refer to as my “Kitchen Cabinet”, worked behind the scenes and do not want any public recognition. I have thanked them privately for their love and guidance, especially my forever mentor, Judge (Ret.) Gary Payne, who knows my gratitude extends well beyond the campaign.


I again thank Gov. Andy Beshear for his confidence in me to serve the community in this capacity and I now have the opportunity to continue my service to this city for the next four years. Fayette County, it remains my privilege to be your Judge in Division 1, Fayette District Court; and I will continue to respectfully and compassionately serve every member and aspect of the community with experience, integrity, sincerity, and equity.



Judge Denotra Spruill Gunther

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We need you to help spread the word about this campaign, by volunteering, hosting fundraisers, and making donations.  

I am Denotra Gunther, your diligent and genuine candidate for judge of the Fayette District Court – Division 1.  I have 25 years practice experience litigating in every division of the District Court, including civil, criminal and family court, as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney before opening my own private practice.  I have served each of my clients with passion, honesty, and the knowledge necessary to obtain the most positive outcome. 

The District Court is the “People’s Court”, where a high percentage of people come without legal representation for their very important and personal business.  I believe that creates an opportunity to educate people about a daunting legal process while rendering justice fairly and evenly without bias to all who come before the Court.  When a person understands a process, they are more amenable to accept a result. 


Justice depends not only on the law but also on who is interpreting and applying the law.  I promise to be an instrument of justice for the people of Fayette County and will employ the qualities, judgment, knowledge, and integrity that will give the people the  confidence, dignity and clarity that each deserves.   I humbly and sincerely ask for your vote to be our next Fayette District Court Judge!

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Judge Gunther recently participated in a forum hosted by the League of Women Voters, focusing on the candidates for Fayette District Court.   Please take a moment to watch the forum and share with others!

"As many of you know, my opponent, Shannon Brooks, has officially withdrawn from this judicial race.  We are united, in thought and prayer, that she will be victorious in the campaign to regain her full health.  I wish her the best and appreciate that she wishes the same for me as I continue on the bench serving the people of Fayette County as Judge in Division 1 of the Fayette District Court."

Judge Denotra Gunther